Our Approach


Shattering Policymaking Silos

Community Climate Shift aims to rectify traditional, siloed policy processes by working alongside Community Based Organizations (CBOs) already deeply engaged with their communities. Our purpose is to ensure their perspectives and expertise are not only listened to but are the driving force in the policy design and implementation process, honoring their expertise and experiences.

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Centering Community-Driven Solutions

Our approach gives community leaders direct access to policymakers, and guides policymakers in specific actions they can take to make building decarbonization strategies more inclusive and just.

We are specifically focused on the role buildings play in climate and communities, and the unique opportunity to leverage climate action toward better buildings in a way that also sets precedent for better policymaking that is rooted in community priorities.


Leveraging the Power of Partnerships

We seek to unlock the transformative solutions that emerge when communities have real input and co-governance of priorities and resources. Our goal is to activate and support a network of partners to collectively center climate justice and create processes that enhance community power and produce community-owned resources and policymaking.

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Guided By a Unique Strategic Compass

Convening Like Minds

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Our Strategic Compass for Community Climate Shift (CCS) was collaboratively developed during the Sounding the Call for CCS Convening in June 2021. Building upon previous Sounding the Call gatherings, it was a meeting of the minds and hearts of those embedded in building the capacity of the national movements toward equity and justice in climate work.

Reimagining Collaboration

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The goal was to seed strategic conversations to understand what relationships of accountability would mean across the movement in order to build power and influence for how and where major climate investments and initiatives occur.

In this way, practitioners in the field operate cooperatively by increasing alignment, communication and allyship, preventing a scarcity mentality and directing resources towards common goals.

Elevating Capacity Building

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The outcome is a vision for a more proactive network of relationship and field of capacity building practice that supports increased access to resources among frontline communities, technical knowledge, and shifting and transforming power for climate equity. Download the full version of our Strategic Compass.

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